Updating foreign key

31-May-2020 02:39

The following clarifications apply: In order to use foreign key constraints in SQLite, the library must be compiled with neither SQLITE_OMIT_FOREIGN_KEY or SQLITE_OMIT_TRIGGER defined.If SQLITE_OMIT_TRIGGER is defined but SQLITE_OMIT_FOREIGN_KEY is not, then SQLite behaves as it did prior to version 3.6.19 (2009-10-14) - foreign key definitions are parsed and may be queried using PRAGMA foreign_key_list, but foreign key constraints are not enforced.(Note, however, that future releases of SQLite might change so that foreign key constraints enabled by default.Careful developers will not make any assumptions about whether or not foreign keys are enabled by default but will instead enable or disable them as necessary.) The application can also use a PRAGMA foreign_keys statement to determine if foreign keys are currently enabled.The PRAGMA foreign_keys command is a no-op in this configuration.

The foreign key declared as part of table child4 is an error because even though the parent key column is indexed, the index is not UNIQUE.The English language error message for foreign key DML errors is usually "foreign key mismatch" but can also be "no such table" if the parent table does not exist.