Updating kitchen cabinets with crown molding

08-Nov-2020 11:19

Three-inch, primed composite crown molding with a dentil design costs as little as for 8 feet.

It’s easiest to add molding when you’re repainting cabinets; that way you’ll get a perfect match.

As can happen with extensive home renovations, other areas of the house had demanded fuller attention, and the good intentions to finish up the remaining projects, such as addition of crown molding, often got pushed aside.

There were some corrective bits that required the experts at Home Depot to come and finish as well, the delay in their being able to come had factored into the further delay of the finishing touches to the kitchen.

Not all cabinet doors are candidates for a changeover, however.

You’ll need the kind of door with a removable panel.

Mary LOVES crown molding and had previously replaced tons of it in other room of both of their homes, the old one and the new one.

She particularly likes deep/tall crowns for the finished look they give not only walls, but also as it turns out, the cabinetry in the kitchens of both domiciles.

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The house had a great deal of promise, and fortunately Mary and her husband, in spite of being in their 20s had plenty of prior DIY/remodeling experience, having renovated their previous home in Michigan extensively.

Note that cabinet hardware can get very fancy and expensive -- costing and up for a single ornate knob.