Updating the trainz asset database

04-Jul-2020 02:46

Just launch your CE V1.2 build and the auto-patcher prompt will appear. The Help: Video_Settings page details the various performance options available.

For Steam users, this update will happen via your normal Steam update process Q. We have also provided a "quickdraw" hotkey - use Shift "-" to reduce your draw distance and Shift " " to increase draw distance.

Due to file format errors, you cannot import previously "built-in" content directly. This was originally coded to avoid z-fighting when floating point accuracy was a problem for computers.

We suggest that you import the route and sessions and then use the Download Station to import the missing dependencies (the DLS is currently being updated with the TS12 builtin content set). Now the problem is that legacy track will "float" and show a shadow.

Note that it can take up to 30 seconds or so to make changes depending on the density of the scene.

Experiment by moving your turnout track in and out towards the junction node, and then away from and close to your main track. You can also manually trigger the update by clicking Launcher "Check for T: ANE Updates".You will see the junction "circle" change from white to red indicating the limits are reached. You will then be notified if a patch is available or not.By using the Straighten tool leading into the junction, you can get a much more natural curve to your junction. Simply click OK to begin the process which involves downloading the small T: ANE Patcher program.Note that locally modified or downloaded content can be imported directly. This is a small price to pay for the ongoing benefits and resolves one of the most talked about "problems" with older Trainz versions. Does the smoke from ANY locomotive (steam or diesel) automatically have collision or do they need to be edited? By turning on Phys X (in the Launcher settings) you automatically get smoke collisions with "supported" assets, without further effort on your part.

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Content creators, please check How To/Configure_a_spline_for_collisions for more info on creating the appropriate spline config tags. How do I access the post-processing settings and other "Developer" settings? In Launcher Developer, tick the "Enable Advanced Debug Tools" option then restart TANE for this change to take effect. What does the red circle mean for procedural track? When a red junction shows, this means that the procedural track cannot be drawn for some reason.

I installed TS2010EE from download (I selected full product install), and tried to start it.

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