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Why my wireless is asking validating identity I went to the atheros site and downloaded the lastest driver.

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To begin our understanding of DKIM, let’s first look at a DKIM-Signature header: DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; d=com; s=notices; c=relaxed/relaxed; q=dns/txt; [email protected]; t=1454417737; h=From: Reply-To: Subject: Date: Message-ID: To: MIME-Version: Content-Type; bh=e 6Rkdh Je69wc QKt RKw9rp Dgkk PPb Z8Xwj/2Hi243Sc=; b=Kh K4Ojej S4QEBr1Rw L/na ZKBNLo Fn R/3lm DOWZC3av4c2a H5Yg/D4vqhh1Cpcyf P v Rm7cp5Evrn PEs OA7r3E15jarz NFNHXtwjx CFn4g8Sts XFOio9v Hk O7bmp6t2a Lu 8b Pk X6c NHg ULYS6Tdq Yd65y5x CDMEa Q9a3mnh F2TQss=; The DKIM-Signature header is a series of key-value pairs, some of more interest to the reader than others, but I’ll describe all of them here.

First, we’ll look at the ones that are mostly of passing interested to the reader: The reason these parts are of interest to the receiving server is that they provide the information necessary to help the receiver validate the signatures.

When those kinds of failures happen, it’s easy to figure out the problem and recommend a solution.

The tough ones, though, and the ones which lead to the most frustrating support experience, are the cases where the message was signed, the public key exists in DNS, and the message wasn’t obviously altered, but the validator reports that the signature failed to validate.

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Organizations wishing to DKIM sign mail will first generate two cryptographic keys.

I mentioned above that DKIM failures can be difficult to troubleshoot, and I’ll explain why that’s so here.