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The Star: Dubé and Davison settle for 6th at figure skating worlds.

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This badly influenced the partnership and collaboration, and even had Bryce thinking about quitting. Their results in the 2008-2009 were visibly influenced by their personal life. everything is just way easier.” ~ Jessica Dubé "Their connection on the ice is so strong.

Soon that instant connection developed into a relationship.

However, Dubé and Davison promised each other one thing: Skating first.

At least they could still go to the gym together every day like they do normally.

And IMHO people get better faster when they can sleep in their own beds.

In 2005 the pair advanced to the senior level, and just a year later, they qualified for a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. The pair had just come back after a break in which Jessica had knee surgery, when, in the Four Continents Competition, they got too close on a camel spin, Bryce’s skate hitting Jessica’s left cheek and nose, and leaving a gash that required over 80 stitches to close.