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Diem made her television debut in an episode of ‘’ E!True Hollywood Story’’, a TV documentary series in 2005.A team is required to consume a full glass for each time that they fail to flip a card into the glass after three attempts.(Note: Jay & Jenna were disqualified at this checkpoint, after Jay was unable to consume the liquid, leaving Jordan & Sarah and Leroy & Theresa as the only teams competing in the final.) Each team then sprints to the fourth checkpoint, "Get Your Rocks Off," in which teams have 30 minutes to grab five rocks from a rockpile, and then toss the rocks from a distance into a bucket.The Reunion special aired on March 24, 2015, after the season finale and was hosted by Zuri Hall.The cast members who attended the reunion were Jordan, Sarah, Leroy, Theresa, Jay, Jenna, Johnny "Bananas," Nany, Wes, Nia, Zach, and Jonna.On day two, the final race is a grueling climb to the top of Slogen, in which the first-place team wins 0,000 and the second-place team wins ,000.

Each team must consume one glass prior to flipping the cards.

and he had a surprise for fans this season, announcing that he has a baby son and a girlfriend.