Who is melissa benoist dating

09-Nov-2019 21:21

How did Melissa and Blake's relationship come to an end?

Let's unravel the story along with Melissa Benoist's love life with Chris currently.

Melissa and Chris have publicly announced their ongoing affair to the media.

Although the couple denied it a few months ago about their relationship and stated that they were only friends.

Now, they are seen immensely together making affectionate display holding hands and even going on romantic dates.

It’s confirmed from both sides, that the divorce procedure is now completed. Surely, Blake Jenner is the ex-husband of Melissa Benoist.

In the following year, she was the leading cast member of the movie ‘The Longest Ride’. Till now, Melissa is known for her appearance in the television series ‘Glee’ as Marley Rose and from other television series ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘Homeland’.