Wpf combobox itemssource binding not updating

04-Dec-2020 20:15

wpf combobox itemssource binding not updating-22

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I create courses for Pluralsight and am the author of several open source libraries.I currently specialize in architecting Azure based systems and audio programming.Or maybe not – the reason behind this is not entirely clear to me. I was recently creating a simple WPF application and was trying to use the MVVM pattern.embed=snippet 8255492] the setter is not supposed to fire when an item is added, since you collection is of type observable, it should update the UI.But said that there could be other things that could be wrong here, can you post you xaml ?I would be interested to hear in the comments if you think either approach has benefits over the other.One consideration is that Silverlight doesn’t seem to support Collection View at the moment.

The problem I'm having is in the Get Databases method where it adds a string to the Database collection.

So I had a class called SQLServer with a single property of tupe string, and I added a new item to the collection but got the same results.

, to which the combo box still appears to hold a reference at this moment – which brings it down to a question of proper coercion.

If i for instance have an application with a number of Combo boxes bound with a Collection View and i want the selected item in one of them to affect a filter in another Combo Box. I´ve added a filter by just using my Collection View.

Filter = methodname, in the Current Changed eventhandler of the Collection View. Do i need to use a Obeservable Collection instead of Collection View?

If I add a Break Point to the Setter, it is only fired when the collection is initialized, and NOT when an item is added to the collection. All is currently running on the same thread, but I'd also like to look at putting the Get All Server method into a Task. Start New so it runs on a different thread and doesn't interrupt the UI animation, but when I do this the Servers collection is populated, but the Combo Box on the UI isn't updated.

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